Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Life On Film

I love the days that my films arrive back from developing. I'm was as giddy as a kid when the postie shoved the envelope through the letterbox this morning. It's one of the reasons I shoot film.

You just don't get the same excitement with digital shooting. Sure, there are always disappointments if certain shots didn't work out the way I'd planned, but.. there are always those pleasant surprises too. The one of me above was taken in a vintage mirror in an antiques shop. It's all natural light, and I love it. The film was only cheap stuff, but it's captured the atmosphere of the place really well.

Here's s a sneaky behind the scenes picture of my friend Sophie, getting ready for one of our latest shoots. You guys may see those shots at some point in the future. I'm always super excited to get my photos of Sophie back. She's so photogenic, and I've worked with her so many times now that I'm always happy with the shots we get back. She's currently studying something acting related in that there London, and she's doing really well. She makes me proud!

Here's a shot of my dog Delta. She's very cute, and she knows it. She must be the most photographed dog in Yorkshire. I'm sure she doesn't mind though. She usually gets a biscuit for her troubles.

Sometimes you snap a shot when the light is just right. The shot above is of my friend Simon. It's nothing special. It wasn't a special day out. It was just a hang out in the park, but the dappled light is just perfect. I don't ever recall shooting a digital shot, and being so happy about the way the light was captured.

The cat's name is Tiff. She's a wild little thing. Somewhat feral, but very cute with it. She's the only cat I've ever met that will roll on her back and let you stroke her belly.

I have a load more shots that I may share at a later date. I'm actually currently looking for a place to host an online portfolio of work. Stuff that may not be appropriate on a personal blog. I dunno... I guess I have an alter-ego of sorts. I shoot a lot of film in my normal day to day life, but I also shoot a fair few nudes and erotica on film too. I always keep business and pleasure separate though. With the alter ego stuff, I sometimes want credit for them, but sometimes I want to shoot anonymously. I guess it's not conducive to having any kind of organised portfolio online. Hopefully I'll figure it out soon!

In the meantime, here's more of my life on film.

These four were all shot on my little plastic Holga Fisheye. It's good fun, but somewhat flimsy. I think I end up putting it back together from kinder egg size pieces every time I want to use it. It's nice to just point and shoot it like an idiot though. Incidentally, the last shot of the four was taken on Brick Lane in London which is well worth a visit if you like quirky, random, vintage tat. There's an official LOMOGRAPHY shop nearby and I couldn't pass up the chance to have a look. I'd love to say I enjoyed the experience, but I didn't. I hated it. Maybe I'll tell you why in another blog.

So, for now at least, that has been my life on film. More coming soon.

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